Did you know?

Shelf-stable baby food (jars and pouches) can sit on the shelf for up to two years before it reaches your baby's tummy!

Pure Processes

Tummy Thyme meals have undergone little to no processing or refinement for the purest food.

Wholesome Food

Fresh frozen gives you the added convenience of prepared wholesome food without any nasties.

No Preservatives

Immediately after cooking, we freeze our food into our Signature Cubes, locking in nutrients without preservatives.

No Shelf Stable Food

Eliminate the need to use highly refined, shelf-stable products that fall short of the gold standard for our children


Lifelong eating habits are created in the first few years of life. At Tummy Thyme, we believe in giving your baby the best that Mother Nature has to offer: fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains and non-GMO proteins. We source from local growers whenever possible and always select food that is at the peak of the season. 

We celebrate the fact that America is blessed with a readily-available range of wholesome, pre-prepared foods for our babies and toddlers. But commercially-produced foods aren’t always the ideal standard we want to set for our children, whether it’s the use of preservatives to extend their shelf-life or the relatively limited range of ingredients and flavors. 

We go one step further by delivering dynamic flavor profiles and color combinations that will stimulate your baby’s developing taste palate and visual curiosity. Our food is also jam-packed full of important nutrients. Not only is our food fun and flavorful, our recipes have been carefully considered to meet your baby’s developmental and nutritional needs. Your baby's love affair with healthy food, starts with Tummy Thyme.

our ingredients

~ Organic & Nutritious ~

Our passion for the freshest and most nutritious, organic ingredients drives everything we do. It is at the heart of our philosophy of how to feed our children well and set them up for a lifelong love of healthy eating.


Our ingredients are fresh, organic, and of the highest quality.


The best ingredients are grown organically. That is the standard by which all Tummy Thyme meals are judged.


We only source our ingredients from trusted suppliers whose farming techniques confirm to the highest international standards. We don't accept less and nor should you.


Hi. My name is Talia Moore. In many ways I’m like you. I have a toddler, I live in a busy household in Los Angeles, and I juggle to find the right work-life balance. It isn’t always easy. Well, you already knew that. 

Like most things that just seem to develop pretty much on their own, the idea for Tummy Thyme began with my curiosity at how to create the right food for my daughter.So I began to experiment. I knew what I wanted; 

1. Fresh, healthy, seasonal and nutritious food with no additives or preservatives. 

2. Variety to keep my baby satisfied and to expand her repertoire of food experiences. 

3. Organic ingredients. 

 Soon, the ladies at my Mommy and Me classes expressed interest in the meals that I was feeding Mayani. Not only did they look great, but Mayani loved them. So our special journey became theirs and Tummy Thyme was born!

"Tummy Thyme is a gem of a company, that truly puts quality and nutrition first."

- Jessica Gust - Pediatric Dietician



All meals are delivered in an insulated box with gel packs and dry ice. The frozen food should be put into the freezer and the fresh jars placed in the refigerator as soon as the box is in your possession. It’s important that you advise us as soon as possible if nobody will be home to retrieve the box in the morning on your delivery day, so we can schedule an alternate dropoff time (at an additional cost). Please advise us by the Wednesday before your delivery day.


Not all baby food is created equal. Most pediatricians and nutritionists agree that lifelong eating habits are created in the first three years of a baby’s life. Therefore, introducing a variety of healthy and adventurous tastes and textures will set you up with a more adventurous foodie later in life. You can discover more on our Our Food page.


We do not use eggs or nuts (with the exception of coconut) in our baby food and will make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions. All of our frozen baby food is dairy free, however there is one fresh jar containing organic greek yoghurt. Please specify if you do not want this included. Some of our items do contain gluten, however we have alternatives to these items if your baby is avoiding this ingredient. We are a small, bespoke business, but will do our best to cater to your baby’s individual needs when possible.Some of our toddler items do contain eggs, gluten and dairy.


We work very closely with a Pediatric Nutritionist and all of our menu choices are based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. We are always experimenting with food combinations. As dedicated foodies, what we make for you is what we feed our daughter. As you can see from photographs of our Signature Cubes, we think how food looks as well as how it tastes is important in building a positive relationship with food for our babies and toddlers.


Your baby’s health is extremely important to you, as our daughter is to us. So we leave nothing to chance in our food preparation. Tummy Thyme products are created in a certified commercial kitchen in LA which has the appropriate health permits from local and the State of California health departments. Our food and its preparation meets the highest possible health and safety standards.


Nope! We leave it up to you to 'dress up' your baby’s food if you feel it needs it and your little one is ready. For example, some parents add mashed fruit for sweetness. We do add a small amount of salt to our toddler items.


We are parents who go above and beyond to ensure that your children, as well as our own, receive the best quality baby food on the market. We are a small, bespoke company, which means that all of our food is handmade, without the need for large machinery and high processing. When you purchase shelf-stable baby food in store, it could have endured a two year journey from the time of manufacture. Are they convenient? Yes. Are they the gold standard for your baby? No. In order to meet the approved standard, these foods are heated to extremely high temperatures which can have an adverse effect on vital nutrients, enzymes, and healthy bacteria that pediatricians and nutritionists agree are critical for every baby’s healthy growth and development. It’s not unusual for pre-processed purees to be imported from overseas. These will probably have been processed, pre-cooked, and de-fibered. Check the label to see if these shelf-stable baby foods contain concentrates, preservatives, juices and/or fillers. Compare that to Tummy Thyme which only uses fresh, healthy, organic fruit and vegetables, purchased from trusted suppliers, without additives or preservatives, then manufactured in a certified commercial kitchen before being frozen prior to delivery. Why not insist on the healthiest option for you babies and toddlers?