Frequently Asked Questions

Tummy Thyme is available nationwide and offers a few convenient options:

Delivery direct to your door; Choose from a Subscription service or from our À La Carte menu. We also offer Gift Certificates which can start with a one-off delivery (based on a minimum number of meals). These are also delivered to an address of your choice.

Minimum orders apply depending on shipping region (see "Where do you deliver" below).

Farmer's markets in Los Angeles: our full menu is available at our stalls at the Studio City Farmer's Market every Sunday from 8am to 1pm.  We are currently on hiatus from our other farmer's markets (Brentwood and Manhattan Beach).

The a la carte service for our organic baby meals starts from as little as $2.50 per serving for a box of 6 portions. The subscription service starts from as low as $4.12 per day for up to 24 portions.  Toddler meals start at $5 for 1 tub or $15 for a bag of 6. 

For more detailed a la carte pricing, please refer to our  Order  page

Go to "Shop" from the drop down menu and select SUBSCRIPTION or A LA CARTE. Then you can select from Baby or Toddler.

A minimum quantity of 5 items is required to enable shipping on a la carte orders.

All sales are final.

All orders are shipped out within 3-5 business days. We currently only ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You will receive a shipping confirmation when your order is being prepared for delivery.  Subsequent subscription orders are then delivered every 1 or 2 weeks - depending on your selected frequency and according to your first delivery day. For your convenience and peace of mind, the subscription service auto-renews until you advise us otherwise.  Your delivery will be left on your doorstep in an insulated box with dry ice.  The bag of dry ice is designed to keep your food frozen and will evaporate during transit. If you have any questions please email us at

Tummy Thyme is now available Nationwide! Minimum orders apply;

Minimum order: $100

All our packages are shipped using dry ice and insulation to create a freezer environment inside your box.  Our logistics team, packs enough dry ice to last for 3 days in transit which ensures the food remains at a safe temperature.  Please note that the dry ice is designed to evaporate over time so it is expected that you will see very little dry ice left, if any. However, if there is still dry ice in your box on arrival, please handle it with care and keep it out of your child's reach. The food should be transferred into the freezer as soon as you can.

Not all baby and toddler food is created equal. At Tummy Thyme, we hand-make all our meals, without using additives, preservatives, concentrates, fillers or 'nasties'. This is a HUGE differentiator from all the other companies in our category. So whilst home-cook meals is always the best, we are the next best option. Most pediatricians and nutritionists agree that lifelong eating habits are created in the first three years of a baby’s life. Our goal is to help ease meal-time pressure, without you having to resort to unhealthy, heavily processed foods which dominates the childrens food space. You can discover more on our Our Food page.

Yes! Our baby food is USDA certified organic through CCOF.

We are parents who go above and beyond to ensure that your children, as well as our own, receive the best quality baby food on the market. We are a small, bespoke company, which means that all of our food is handmade, without the need for large machinery and high processing. When you purchase shelf-stable baby or toddler food in store, it could have endured a two year journey from the time of manufacture. Are they convenient? Yes. Are they the gold standard for your child? No. In order to meet the approved standard, these foods are heated to extremely high temperatures which can have an adverse effect on vital nutrients, enzymes, and healthy bacteria that pediatricians and nutritionists agree are critical for every baby’s healthy growth and development. It’s not unusual for pre-processed purees to be imported from overseas. These will probably have been processed, pre-cooked, and de-fibered. Check the label to see if these shelf-stable baby foods contain concentrates, preservatives, juices and/or fillers. Compare that to Tummy Thyme which only uses fresh, healthy, organic fruits, vegetables and animal proteins, purchased from trusted suppliers, without additives or preservatives, then manufactured in a certified commercial kitchen before being frozen prior to delivery. Why not insist on the healthiest option for you babies and toddlers?

Most babies begin to exhibit signs of developmental readiness around 6 months. Remember, the introduction of solids is a developmental milestone not based soley on age or weight. Where possible, consult your pediatrician or another trusted health professional to confirm that your baby is ready.

Once your baby is around 6 months of age, can sit on his/her own, and has experimented with a variety of singular ingredients and mastered the art of swallowing food, then it’s time.

Our baby food tubs have 5 ounces of food and our toddler tubs have 4 ounces of food. Follow your child's cues. Some of our customers find 1 tub is the perfect size and others find their baby or toddler only needs half. For the hungriest of babies, some may need more. Once your tub is defrosted, it is refrigerator safe for two days. Only heat the portion of the tub that you need. Never refreeze a partially defrosted tub.

Nope! We leave it up to you to 'dress up' your baby’s food if you feel it needs it and your little one is ready. For example, some parents add mashed fruit for sweetness. We do add a good quality sea salt to our toddler items.

Our frozen meals are easy to prepare. Remove a single portion from the freezer and thaw in refrigerator. Alternatively, remove tub lid and seal and use one of the heating methods listed on the back of our packaging (stove top, water bath or microwave). ALWAYS check the temperature of the food before feeding it to your child. Refer to the instructions enclosed in your delivery.

Absolutely! There is no reason to stop you adding other foods if you wish. Just remember to make sure that the consistency is appropriate for the age/developmental readiness of your child (puree, textured, chunky, finger food). If you prepare any food separately, make sure that it is the right temperature when you add it.

There is no reason why you can’t take Tummy Thyme with you on picnics, car trips or on your travels. The ONLY consideration is to keep our food frozen prior to preparing it for your baby or toddler. So you need to think about how to do that. For example, ice packs. Remember, once Tummy Thyme has defrosted you cannot re-freeze it. Once defrosted, the food is refrigerator safe for 2 days.

We do not use eggs or nuts (with the exception of coconut) in our baby food. All of our frozen baby food is dairy free, however there are three fresh jars containing organic Greek yoghurt. Please specify if you do not want this included. Some of our items do contain gluten, however we have alternatives to these items if your baby is avoiding this ingredient.

Some of our toddler items do contain eggs, gluten and dairy.

Don’t be disheartened if your baby isn’t as enthusiastic about the meals as you. Research shows that it can take a baby up to 20 times of trying a food before we can be certain if they like it or not. In fact, the more exposure your child has to rejected items, the more likely they are to try it (and then like it)!

Of course! Tummy Thyme is just as tasty for adults and kids as it is for babies and toddlers. In fact, we highly recommend that you integrate our foods with the family’s overall eating experience. For example, if you choose Lentil Dal & Chard, why not make the same for the rest of the family? Eating together is a very important part of the family ritual and can be a very positive experience.

We work very closely with a Pediatric Nutritionist and all of our menu choices are based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. We are always experimenting with food combinations. As dedicated foodies, what we make for you is what we feed our daughter. As you can see from photographs of our meals, we think how food looks as well as how it tastes is important in building a positive relationship with food for our babies and toddlers.

We are currently only available for pick up at the Studio City Farmer's Market in Los Angeles on Sundays from 8am-1pm. Otherwise, we ship directly to your home!

Subscription cancellation - You can cancel at any time by emailing us at as long as your order has not yet been processed.

A La Carte order cancellation - We cannot cancel or refund an order once it has been processed.

Refund - We use a perishable shipping partner to ship out our orders. Whilst we use a large amount of dry ice to ensure the food arrives frozen, sometimes there are shipping delays that are out of our control. If there are any delays or delivery issues please contact the carrier first, using your tracking number. Once you have done that, please reach out to to see if you are eligible for a refund or reshipment.

If there are any issues with a received packaged (ie. missing item) you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt to qualify for a refund.

All sales are final. Due to the nature of our handmade products being perishable, we cannot accept returns.

Your child’s health is extremely important to you, as our daughter is to us. So we leave nothing to chance in our food preparation. Tummy Thyme products are handmade in a certified commercial kitchen in LA which has the appropriate health permits from local and the State of California health departments. Our food and its preparation meets the highest possible health and safety standards.

We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with any other questions or reach out to us here.