Savory carrot, corn & zucchini muffins
Savory carrot, corn & zucchini muffins

Savory carrot, corn & zucchini muffins

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Our SAVORY CARROT, CORN & ZUCCHINI MUFFINS are a family staple!! With grated carrot, zucchini, cheese & corn kernels inside, they are the perfect savory choice with just a hint of sweetness.  Heat one up for breakfast or enjoy as a snack.  They make for a great lunch or dinner side! All our ingredients are certified organic, with no added sugar, preservatives, additives, concentrates, fillers or ‘nasties’.

Ingredients: organic carrot, organic zucchini, organic corn, organic wholemeal flour, organic thyme, organic cheddar, organic parmesan, organic cage-free eggs, extra-virgin olive oil, organic milk, baking powder, sea salt.

Allergens: contains egg, milk, wheat

6 portions per bag

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