Yummy toast party combinations to try at home

Yummy toast party combinations to try at home

Toast party 💕💕💕
One canvas (toast) so many topping options!
Did you know that many of our #babyledweaning babies eat our baby food textured purées as a topping on toast, rice or pasta! ie. the chicken & veggie soup is thick enough to be spread on toast fingers.

Here are some yummy toast party combinations to try at home

  • Nut or seed butter toast with fresh strawberries
  • Ricotta and honey topped with stone fruit pieces and passionate
  • Sliced banana and carob nibs with a pinch of cinnamon
  • Fresh blueberries and mint on vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Smashed avocado with toasted pepitas and lime juice
  • Good ‘ol eggs on toast with veganaise

Some Tummy Thyme purees that marry perfectly with a toast party

  • Broccoli & thyme toast sticks (optional: coat toast with ghee first)
  • Sweet potato with cinnamon (optional: sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds)
  • Black bean chili
  • Sweet potato, pear, parsnip with sage (optional: blend through with roast chicken before spreading YUM)
  • Roasted beet, parsnip & carrot with sweet potato & thyme (optional: same as above)
  • Chicken & veg soup (perfect just as is!)
  • Lentil Dal with chard (optional: mix through with grass-fed butter before spreading)

💖 Talia xo

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