Seed bombs, quite simply, are a ball of clay, soil and seeds all rolled up together which you then dry out.  Once dried, you throw the balls into a hard to reach bit of garden, a vacant lot, median strips on a highway, or a sidewalk. The amazing thing about them is that they contain everything that is needed for a seed to grow once it receives a good downpour of rain.  Cue some pretty flowers growing on the sidewalk, an herb patch, or even a meadow!

It is easy to forget that all the genetic information is housed in a tiny seed.  Once it has some soil, water and warmth, it will start the process of germination, whereby it starts to grow.  The idea behind Seed Bombs can be traced to Masanobu Fukuoka and his book One Straw Revolution. 

These ideas have made their way all around the world, and there has been an activist movement called Guerilla Gardening which in part, uses seed balls to lush up the town!  There are some very inspiring people in LA, such as Ron Finley who did this awesome Ted talk on how important and do-able planting in public spaces is. One of the best things you can do to for the environment is to plant something.  Flowers, edibles, trees; they all do their bit to clean our air, provide food for bees, humans and beautify our spaces.  

Making a seed bomb is a really fun activity for home.  Kids love getting their hands dirty, the texture of the mix is very squishy and the rolling of the balls is reasonably easy for toddler hands. 



2 parts Pottery Clay

2 parts Soil 

Seeds; you could choose anything; flowers for bees, herbs for the garden! 

Water as needed


2 x tubs; one for making the seed bombs in, the other to be filled with warm soapy water to clean hands.

1 x towel for drying off your hands

Tray or egg carton


Add some water to the clay and give it a squish to get it into a paste consistency.  

Then, add your soil, seeds and a bit of water.

Add the water incrementally as you can always add more.

You’ll know it’s the right consistency when you can make a tight ball and it holds together.

Roll your balls to half a golf ball sized and then let them dry out.

Pop them in an empty egg carton or on a tray to dry. 

When they have dried completely, throw them into that hard to reach spot.  Ensure it doesn’t land on concrete as once it has started to sprout out of the ball, it will need to dig down into the earth to survive.  Wait for some rain and then go back and check on them!

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