Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Gardening

Not quite sure how much you actually ‘like’ your kids and whether you (and they) are going to survive this lockdown..?
Have no fear, we are all in the same boat!
Two of our favorite topics are FOOD and GARDENING.
Both can inspire a huge amount of creativity, offer an opportunity for sensory play and even provide some wonderful educational and skill building opportunities. Some benefits include learning responsibility and cause and effect (you need to water a plant to keep it alive) and a love of nature - if you love and care for the earth your plants will flourish.

Garden ideas

  • Dig in the dirt (& make mud pies).
  • Plant seeds or make/plant a seed bomb.
  • Water the garden.
  • Gather seeds, flowers or leaves.
  • Make a mini-garden with egg shells.
  • Make a grass-head.
  • Grow a tin garden.
  • Make a homemade butterfly feeder.

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