So we are stuck at home… again… and trying really hard to be big boys and girls and not descend into toddler tantrum land ourselves : ) Thanks to Dr. Andrew Wake we are constantly reminding each other that we are a ‘good enough parent’ and cut ourselves a big slice of slack this holiday season.

Creating a sustainable, yet fun experience for ourselves, family and friends is still a possibility.  Here are a few gift and activity ideas that you can easily do at home with some simple materials.


Butcher’s paper comes in an array of different colors and sizes, so choose one that works well for you.  We have shared some links below.

1. Personalized wrapping paper

- Lay out your paper and use some rocks or other weights to hold down the edges.  

- Pour out some paint onto a paint palette, flat plate or into plastic containers.

- Have your child put their feet in the paint and then walk across the paper.  Alternatively, they can put their hands in and make hand prints, or for a more restrained painting experience, include some brushes and have them paint to their heart's delight.

- Once it has dried, roll it up, and you have some beautiful wrapping paper to wrap up gifts for friends and family.

*Tip: Have a tub of soapy, sudsy warm water nearby for an easy clean up.


A roll of butchers paper

Washable paint

2. Make an arty life sized cut out gift.

    A life sized cut out of your little one filled with photos, drawings and messages of love, can be a super cute and cheap gift that family can stick up on their wall.  

    - Lie your child down on a piece of butcher’s paper and trace their body (or just a hand or foot). An older child may be able to fill the shape with a very detailed drawing.  A younger child can manage some swirly lines or squiggles. 

    - Bring out some old magazines, a pair of toddler scissors and a glue stick and your child can practice their fine motor skills by cutting and pasting.

    - Add a baby photo and voila! A simple meaningful gift that also happens to be a fun activity.


    A roll of butchers paper

    A thick marker for drawing the outline

    Some crayon blocks or crayon sticks

    Some magazines



    Tip: You will need to do this on a hard surface

    3. Wall art

      - Lay out some butcher’s paper, some paints or crayons and pencils

      - And let your little artist draw or paint a mini art creation

      - You could also take a walk in your neighborhood or local nature reserve and collect some beautiful leaves, or if you are near a beach, collect some sand and create a collage using glue to adhere the items down.

      - Then choose the best section, cut it out and put it into a frame.

      - Find the perfect wall to display your little one's creation.


      A roll of butchers paper

      Some paintscrayons and pencils

      Tip: You will need to do this on a hard surface

      We hope these give you some inspiration.  We would love to see your creations!!  Tag us at @itstummythyme on Instagram!

      You are doing an awesome job mom and dad!  Especially if you have some Tummy Thyme organic baby food home delivered, you really are able to rest assured that you are “the good enough parent”.

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