Whilst we can roll play-dough with the best of them, an activity that results in a beautiful and functional object that I can make with my child, always wins out. 

A hand rolled beeswax candle has got to be one of the coolest things to make at home.  With a little assistance, a toddler can manage to make these candles.  They smell divine and if you use it as an opportunity to talk bees with your pre-schooler, this makes one of the best activities to undertake with your child. 

In order to find honey that is local to you, go to this site which can help you can locate a farm close to where you live.  Alternatively, here are two organic, high-quality products: this one or this one.

Eating locally-produced honey is important for a few reasons.  For one, we love supporting local, independent farmers.  They really need our support and purchasing directly from a farmer through a Farmers Market or direct from the farm gate maximizes their profits.

Although there is no definitive research, some say eating local honey can help with seasonal allergies.  We think a warm glass of honey and lemon is the bees knees (sorry, not sorry) when you are suffering from a sore throat. Also, some honeys are artificially produced, so purchasing straight from a farmer, will ensure you are getting the real deal.

Please note that health authorities strongly advise against giving honey to babies under 12 months, as it can cause botulism.  

This is a great opportunity to educate your child on the role bees play in our ecosystem.  Without them, we really would live in a different world; we wouldn’t be able to enjoy most fruits and vegetables as bees are needed for pollination.  Sadly, in some places in the world, bee populations are in a steep decline.  Some regions in the world have to hand pollinate in order to get a harvest of fruits and vegetables!!

This big, beautiful book by Piotr Socha is a wonderful resource for educating children about bees.  It has the most stunning illustrations and shows examples of different hives around the world, what a bee looks like and its various life stages, the flowers that they love and all the fruits and vegetables that rely on Bees for pollination.  For more information, try this link.

On to making your own beautiful wax candles.  


There are a couple of ready to go kits – this one and this one

A wooden board or craft board to roll the candle on

A knife

A hair dryer to gently warm the wax if it’s very cold, you need the wax to soften a bit so it doesn’t crack while you are rolling it.  You can warm it between your hands as well.



  • Take a sheet of the wax and warm it if necessary
  • Cut it to size- this will depend on the size of the sheet you start with, but 8” x 8” is a good size
  • Get your wick and trim it so it is sticking out from one end by an inch
  • Lay the wick out close to one edge
  • Pressing firmly but gently, start rolling the wax away from you
  • Check that there are no gaps and continue rolling until it is complete
  • If there are gaps between the layers, unroll, warm it with your hands or hair dryer to soften it and have another go at rolling


The reason you don’t want gaps between the layers is because it will burn very quickly.  Also, if the wax cracks, this means it isn’t softened enough, but it will still work well.  Just soften further and start again.

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