Healthy Baby & Toddler Food.
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Organic fruits, vegetables and proteins with no additives or preservatives.

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Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Proteins.


Healthy, Seasonal
and Nutritious Food.

Give your child the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Fresh, high-quality organic ingredients

No Preservatives, Additives, Concentrates, Fillers or 'Nasties'

Texture transition - food for every age and every stage

“Tummy Thyme is a gem of a company that truly puts quality and nutrition first. Their items are perfect for families using the traditional or baby-led approach to feeding. They sincerely care for their most precious clients, your children"

Jessica Gust -   Pediatric Dietician

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Tummy Thyme has made the transition to solid foods so easy for our family! Everything is so fresh, healthy and yummy and I’ve loved exposing my son to such a variety of food and flavors I never would have had time to make for him myself. He’s loved every dish and has become quite the little gourmand. I can’t recommend Tummy Thyme enough!

Stephanie Jackson, Sherman Oaks

Tummy Thyme has been an absolute godsend! When you want your baby to eat organic, nutritious, homemade and FLAVOR-FILLED food, but don’t always have the time to make it… Tummy Thyme to the rescue! The food is so good, we often wish there were adult sized portions!

Danika Charity, Studio City

This food is packed with nutrients and very versatile; Victoria loves the diverse flavors and textures, a great start for her live food journey….sometimes I easily mix it with the food I make at home for added variety throughout the week. I do not feel I have to compromise quality for convenience. Thank you, thank you guys for putting this service together!

Lillliams, Valley Village

As a first time mom, I put immense pressure on myself to do it all, and creating perfect home cooked meals everyday was high on that list. But, expectations and reality didn't see eye to eye, and I found myself too overwhelmed to regularly prepare well rounded meals for my baby. Thank the Universe for Talia's amazing service.

Sabrina Bolin, Sherman Oaks

My twins were born 2 months early, one of whom was only 1lb 3oz. At 13mo he is still below the 0% and has sensory processing disorder which means he doesn't really eat anything with more texture than purees.  I love that I can feed him Tummy Thyme food, knowing that it is wholesome, fresh, and nutritionally dense while still being interesting and delicious.

Stephanie Williams, Santa Clarita


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